For answering questions (FAQ)

How much space do I get?
At the Gamebox Festival the dimension of your allocated area is 47x31 inches, which is often categorized as an XL area at other Danish LAN events.

Do I need to book a seat?
You can choose a seat when buying your ticket. If you are a group of players who want to sit together, we recommend that you coordinate your seats or that you order all tickets at the same time.

What am I allowed to plug in at the area?
You can connect your computer OR your console and your cell phone charger. Computer meaning the actual computer and associated monitor(s). You may connect two monitors to one computer.

Can I bring other electrical items such as a fridge, a kettle or a toaster?
No, you are not allowed to bring other electrical items.

Do I have to bring my own chair?
No, you do not need to bring your own chair, as one will be provided. However, if you prefer the comfort of your own chair, you are welcome to bring it with you.

Are guests allowed access to the LAN area?
Yes, everyone with a ticket for the Gamebox Festival will be able to enter the LAN area.

Which games will be played?
That is entirely up to the participants. If any tournaments or competitions in specific games are arranged, we will make sure to announce it.

Can I get a copy of a specific game if I do not have it?
No, it is illegal to copy video games, and we do not tolerate copying at our LAN event.

I have forgotten to bring my gear (mouse, power cable etc.) what do I do?
Do not panic! You can buy whatever you need at the Gamebox Festival.

What is the age limit?
Everyone can attend the Gamebox Festival, there is no age limit. However, you need to be able to look after yourself or otherwise be accompanied by a person who can (e.g. a parent or an older sibling).

Can I attend the event on my own?
Provided that you can look after yourself, you are welcome to attend the event on your own. Who knows – maybe you will find new friends at the Gamebox Festival.

Do I have to be present from the start?
That is entirely up to you. However, we recommend that you attend the event within the official opening hours.