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Activities in Playbox Free Play

    Dansk Firmaidræt Funzone

    Are you fast on the trigger and quick on reflexes? Then come try different activities, that all tests your ingame abilities in different ways. 

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      DBU eFootball - FIFA

      Feeling lucky? Keep your eyes on the ball as you compete against friends or profesionals at DBU's area. Play, win, love it!

      Get ready!

        Travel in time with
        Ungdomsringen & Ungherning

        The past and future melts together when Ungdomringen & UngHerning enters Gamebox Festival. 

        Travel with us!

          Sørby Activation Area

          At Sørby eSport you can test your skills in various activities and meet the people from the biggest esportcommunity in Denmark!

          More information will come!

            Fun for parents and children

            Have a look inside your childs online world, when DGI and Herning eSport offers a wide selection of activities for parents and children to enjoy together. 

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              Fyra Simsport

              Feel the rush at FYRA Simsport when 6 Simrigs are set up and ready for use. Learn about sinracing and challenge som of the best in Denmark

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