DGI x Herning Esport

    Challenging and fun activities for children & parents!

    This year at Gamebox Festival, DGI and Herning Esport has come together to make an area of activities. 
    The area will amongst other things consist of games for children and parents, so they can play eachother. 

    This boosts the connection between the kids and their parents, however it is also found to be helpful for the parents to get a better understanding of the online world their kid might be a big part of, and spends all his hours participating in. 

    At DGI x Herning Esports area you can try a skill track from Jabii, which is a timebased minigame. Besides this, you can play Minecraft, CS:GO and Fortnite. 

    DGI can also be seen on the 'Talks'-stage, with a segment called parentingschool. Here parents as well as kids can give presentations on what they themselves have gained after engaging in esport.