Yousee esportliga - LAN & Championship

    YouSee eSportligaen is hosting a huge LAN, aswell as league- and national championships at Gamebox Festival 2023 & 2024. There will be competed in a variety of games, including CS:GO, League og Legends, Fortnite with more to come, and there will be plenty of opportunity to take part in the community events and meet other like minded gaming enthusiasts. 

    YouSee eSportligaen will also be hosting a lot of different activities and competitions throughout the weekend. So you can expect a sensational event with players, teams, coaches and casuals meeting from abroad to take part in the very same event, Gamebox Festival! 


    The LAN at YouSee eSportligaen is separate from our own. 

    YouSee eSportligaen will host their LAN in 'hal K' 

    Whilst our own will be in 'hal J2 & J3' 
    To read more about our LAN, click here!